With an aim to revive, preserve and promote traditional martial art Gatka as a sport, the National Gatka Association of India (NGAI) was constituted in the year 2004 and it was affiliated with World Gatka Federation (WGF) and International Sikh Martial Art Academy (ISMAA) for furtherance of this cause. These apex Gatka organisations endeavours to and envisions in promoting, popularizing and standardizing Gatka as a recognised game at national and international level.

It is mentioned here that NGAI is the first and oldest registered Gatka organisation and proactive for about two decades in taking major initiatives for the promotion of this great art. The appropriate recognition, due status and development of Gatka as a game at national and international level, are few of the major objectives of NGAI.

It had already been decided by the WGF and ISMAA to setup a residential Gatka training and research academy at Mohali, Punjab to provide best training, scientific research and higher academic facilities to the Gatkabaaz. Besides, an international Gatka directory is also in the offing having detailed information of all Gatka Akharas and Gatka training centers running across the globe which will serve as a first ever reference book.

The NGAI in association with WGF and ISMAA have published a Gatka Rules & Regulations Book in January 2017 for all types of official tournaments which is being followed and implemented world over to play the Gatka as a competitive sport. These organisations are holding Gatka training camps, seminars and workshops free of cost in different states to train the budding players as per the prescribed Gatka rules.

The selfless and dedicated motives of these Gatka organisations are to awake the masses about this ancient martial art, otherwise, it might happen that the next generation will totally be unaware of Gatka. It’s a humble effort to revive a forgotten and dying traditional martial art having a historical significance.