Age Groups & Events


As per the prescribed Gatka rules and regulations of World Gatka Association, International Sikh Martial Art Academy and National Gatka Association of India, there are three types of events in one age group namely ; Single Soti and Fari-Soti. Weapons demonstrations were to be played only during Virsa Sambhal (Traditional) tournaments. Each event is played as individually and team event. These organisations have also added a new event, the Mixed Event in Single Soti only in which one boy and one girl fight with each other.

As sub-junior players are under 14 years, that is why the ISMAA/Gatka Federation has allowed only four events i.e. Single Soti (Individual), Farri-Soti (Individual). From Junior to Senior level, there are following events in all age groups which are as follows :-


In all types of official Gatka tournaments players shall play in the following age groups i.e :

  1. Sub-Junior : U-14,
  2. Junior : U-17,
  3. Senior : U-19, U-22, U-25, U-28
  4. Veteran : U- 40 : U-45, U-55, U-65, U-75


  1. Single Soti (Individual)-one to one fight
  2. Single Soti (team event)-3 players plays & one extra
  3. Farri-Soti (Individual)- one to one fight
  4. Farri-Soti (team event)- 3 players plays & one extra
  5. Single Soti (Mixed)-one to one fight
  6. Weapon demonstrations (Individual)-one player displays his skills
  7. Weapon demonstrations (team event)-Three to Five players team displays martial skills

Note : It is clarified here that weapons demonstrations event shall not be played and included during the school, colleges and university level tournaments but be played only during the Virsa Sambhal (Traditional) tournaments.